Best Wireless Travel Routers Reviews and Buying Guide (Updated)

Best Wireless Travel Routers

A wireless travel router is a must-have travel essential for people on the go who rely heavily on WiFi accessibility.

A wireless travel router basically works as a wireless range extender and a wireless access point.

Weak internet signal? No problem. A travel router can extend the signal or range of an existing wireless signal. How? By amplifying the (weak) signal so that your device/s can connect to it.

Wireless travel routers also provide a layer of security when using the internet over an unsecured or public hotspot. Many a time, travelers rely on free public wifi available. These networks may or may not be secured or encrypted. So it is best to have a handy tool to secure sensitive data like passwords without fear of unauthorized access.

When you have two or more devices, with a single login. Not a problem. A wireless travel router can connect multiple devices using a single login. How is this possible? Wireless travel routers are recognized as a single device when connected to a network.

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TP-Link Wireless Wi-Fi Travel Router

Best Wireless Travel Routers

Small and compact, the TP Link AC750 Wireless WiFI Travel Router is designed for travel.  The size of a palm, this compact router packs a punch. For travel, it can be used as a hotspot. At home, it can be used as a range extender.

RAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Router

Best Wireless Travel Routers

The RAVPower FileHub Plus Wireless Travel Router is a multifunctional device. Not only does it work as a travel router, but it can also be used as a backup battery.

What’s more, this little compact device can connect any storage device (USB or external hard drive) wirelessly to any device. This includes both android and ios gadgets. Makes for easy file transfer or simply play music or watch videos seamlessly.

TP-Link Wireless Portable Travel Router

Best Wireless Travel Routers

TP-Link N300 Wireless Portable Nano Travel Router can be used as a hotspot to connect multiple devices. Also, this handy device provides an encryption function via password protection. Perfect for online users who need to access sensitive information on the internet.

It works as a WiFi range extender as well, so that you can work in locations where signal is weak.

HooToo Wireless Travel Router

Best Wireless Travel Routers

HooToo Wireless Travel Router is small, light and compact that can fit the palm of the hand. This one-ounce device packs quite a punch. It works as a bridge, hub, router, and repeater.

Transfer files easily and wirelessly from your gadget or device to any storage device, such as a USB or external hard drive. Simply download the Tripmate app.

GL.iNet GL-AR750 Travel AC Router

Best Wireless Travel Routers

The GL.iNet GL-AR750 Travel AC Router is perfect for the on the go traveler. This router adds a layer of security by converting any public wired or wireless connection to a secured private WiFi connection.

This device has four mode switch options – router, access point, extender or bridge options. Just simply click on the option that pops on your device screen.

Best Wireless Travel Routers Buying Guide

Wireless travel routers are indeed an essential must have when traveling nowadays.

But choosing the most suitable one can be a daunting task given the number of available models in the market.

Things to consider when purchasing a wireless travel router: portability, cost and added functionality.

If you need to bring your wireless travel router with you all the time when traveling, then a compact and portable model would suit your needs. The lighter the better. Because along with your devices you also need to consider the weight of this added device that you will be bringing along as you travel from place to place.

If cost is a concern, there are many routers that will fit everyone’s budget. For as long as the device is aligned with your needs, an affordable router will do the trick.

Wireless travel routers have more or less the same default features. But if you have other specific needs in mind, like added security or more endless streaming, then there are routers that provide more enhanced features.

Make a list of the features you need, and you will be able to find a router to satisfy these requirements.

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